Dr. Pamela Kreeger Receives Ride Scholarship

Dr. Pamela Kreeger Receives Ride Scholarship

January 18th, 2020  |  Rob Kelly

Madison, Wis. –

Dr. Pamela Kreeger, a University of Wisconsin associate professor of biomedical engineering, was awarded The Ride Scholarship on January 18, 2020 at the Wisconsin Hockey’s 4th Annual Face-off Against Cancer game for her exemplary discoveries in 2019. This award will help fund Dr. Kreeger’s further studies of metastasis in high grade serous ovarian cancer at the University of Wisconsin Madison.

Patients with high-grade serous ovarian cancer (HGSOC) are frequently diagnosed with extensive metastatic disease. A better understanding of metastasis in HGSOC could lead to treatments that improve patient prognosis and quality of life. In HGSOC, metastasis results from individual cells or clumps of cells that break free from a tumor site, float through the abdominal cavity, and reattach at new sites. Evidence suggests that cells that detach in clumps are more likely to form a new tumor.

With funding from The Ride, Dr. Kreeger will study which factors promote cells detaching as clumps vs. individually. Through this, she aims to identify potential targets for controlling metastasis.

The Ride was created in 2016 and has generated over $1.2 Million towards the University of Wisconsin’s cancer mission. The Ride delivers 100% of all rider-raised funds towards cancer initiatives made possible by the generous support of its sponsors.

Participants have the ability to register for any of the five routes (3-mile, 17-mile, 34-mile, 63-mile, 102-mile), which feature the same start and finish location. The 3-mile route, which caters to adults and children, will be solely contained within the American Family Insurance campus and will not utilize any public roads. In addition, the new site location and layout will offer increased participant on-site amenities such as parking, registration, packet pick-up, food and post-ride programming and entertainment.

Visit TheRideWI.org to learn more about the cycling benefit and how it drives critical cancer research and treatment programs at the University of Wisconsin.

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